Monument Accessories for Latrobe, PA

Create a Personalized Memorial with Many Accessory Options Available

In addition to traditional monuments, Unity Memorials also provides a variety of accessories including vases, porcelain photos and plaques, and metal medallions. We can also provide flag holders to honor a veteran who served in the Armed Forces, memorial lights with wax candle or battery option, and a variety of urns. Porcelain photos are a great way to personalize a memorial. For more information or to add an accessory to a cemetery monument, contact Unity Memorials at (724) 834-4006.

Vases are a Great Choice to Add Color to Any Cemetery Memorial

Flower vases for cemetery memorials are available for granite headstones or bronze memorials. We sell granite and metal vases in a variety of styles and color options. Vases can be placed on the granite base, within a flat grave marker, or in the ground in front of or beside a monument. While Unity Memorials is constructing a memorial or headstone, ask about adding a flower vase.

Benches are a Modern, Contemporary and Functional Option for Any Lot

Benches are an ideal way to remember a loved one in a non-traditional setting such as a courtyard or other public area. Benches can also be used in cemeteries as a memorial or in addition to a memorial, according to cemetery regulations. Benches can be customized with engraving, carving designs, and laser etching.

Pet Monuments to Keep the Memory of a Faithful Companion Alive

Create a special tribute with a memorial for your pet to keep their memory alive. Our pet memorials are made of granite or bronze. We have many design choices.

Ceramic Pictures of a Deceased loved One

Unity Memorials offers ceramic photos for any type of memorial or headstone. Ceramic photos are a nice way to personalize a memorial. We can make ceramics photo in various shapes and sizes. Clients can choose to add one photo or a few photos to any memorial.