Monument Accessories Available From Unity Memorials

Unity Memorials Makes Your Loved One’s Memorial Specialized to Them

Monument accessories available from Unity Memorials in Latrobe, PA can help personalize your or a loved one’s memorial space. Not only do they help honor a loved one, but they allow visitors to feel more in touch with them. For more information or to add an accessory to a cemetery monument, contact Unity Memorials online or call (724) 834-4006.

Monument Accessories from Unity Memorials in Latrobe, PA

Unity Memorials provides a variety of accessories including photos, urns, vases, porcelain photos, plaques, metal medallions, and more. Flag holders are a popular option to honor veterans and those that have served our country. Memorial lights illuminate headstones, monuments, benches and mausoleums with a heavenly glow at night. We offer wax candles or battery powered options.

Each accessory is customizable. Check our variable options for material, look, and color, then contact us to discuss the exact memorial accessory you want. Depending on the cemetery you can choose one or more accessories. Unity Memorials monument and headstones are at most cemeteries across Latrobe, Greensburg, Derry, and beyond. We assist you in customizing the memorial to make it beautiful and special.

Durable Memorial Accessories for All Seasons in Ligonier, PA

We invite you to choose from our durable memorial accessories that can withstand the elements in every season. Classic materials such as granite, bronze, or stainless steel last a very long time. These are right for the seasons we experience in Ligonier, PA and the surrounding areas. Although memorials and accessories are available in aluminum and even plastic, we do not recommend them. These lower-grade memorial accessories generally deteriorate over time due to weather and natural elements.

You can trust the quality of the memorial accessories available from Unity Memorials.