Cemetery Memorial Lights in Ligonier, PA

Unity Memorials Helps Shine a Light on the Memory of Your Loved One

Unity Memorials offers cemetery memorial lights in Ligonier, PA and surrounding areas.  Memorial lights are a time-honored tradition to remember loved ones throughout the year. Many also like using them to commemorate important dates such as Christmas, July 4th, All Souls Day, Anniversaries, and more.

Our memorial lights are especially made for better outdoor burning than regular candles. Whether you want a candle holder or a battery powered light, Unity Memorials can help you honor your loved one. Contact Unity Memorials online or call (724) 834-4006 to discuss what light and design is best for you.

Most Durable Memorial Lights in Ligonier, PA, and Derry, PA

The brand we team up with for the best available memorial lights is U.S. Metalcraft, Inc. They guarantee the strongest memorial light built. All of the memorial light designs are weatherized for all four seasons in Ligonier, PA, Derry, PA, and surrounding areas.

You can choose between five designs and three lens colors. All light holders accept traditional wax candles as well as battery operated candles. Both are ideal choices for use in illuminating your new memorial light. While we design the memorial choose how you want to mount the light. Know that you are receiving the best memorial light that will need limited maintenance over the years. 

Memorial light options include:

Memorial Light Designs

  • Latin Cross
  • Greek Cross
  • Orthodox Cross
  • Star of David
  • Dome

Lens Color Available

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Clear

Mounting Options

  • Straight Spike
  • Traditional Offset Spike
  • New Base for Mounting the Light Direction onto the Monument

Candle Flame Options

  • Traditional Wax
  • Battery Powered

Unity Memorials helps shine a light on the memory of your loved one with memorial lights in Ligonier, PA.