Photos, Medallions, and Plaques as Monument Accessories

Unity Memorials Helps Keep Your Loved One’s Memory Alive

Adding photos, medallions, and plaques allows Unity Memorials to help personalize a memorial for you. People have marked burial sites throughout time. In fact, many modern headstones usually just contain a name, birth date and date of death. Much about the person buried there can be forgotten if family and friends do not pass down the information. As time passes their story can be lost.

Customizing a headstone, monument, or mausoleum with photos, medallions, plaques and more, can give some history. Regardless of who walks by they can get an indication of who the person was while they were alive. To discuss adding photos, medallions, plaques or other monument accessories contact Unity Memorials online or call (724) 834-4006.

Porcelain Pictures Show Representation of a Deceased Loved One

Unity Memorials offers ceramic photos for any type of memorial or headstone. Ceramic photos are a nice way to personalize a memorial. We can make ceramic photos in various shapes and sizes. Printed with special ceramic toners and fired onto porcelain, ceramic memorial photos resist fading and endure all weather conditions. Our team can  mount these pictures on a headstone, urn, mausoleum, or other surfaces. Clients can choose to add one photo or a few photos. Photos allow people to see the wonderful person who lived.

Medallions Show Dedication and Service to Our Country

Whether your loved one was a veteran or died while serving, we can help you show their service. Unity Memorials can integrate a medallion from the Department of Veterans Affairs on a headstone, urn, monument or other memorial. Medallions are a way to honor the service member’s dedication and pride in serving our country.

Plaques Provide More Information on the Monument, Bench, or Memorial

A plaque is a wonderful addition to give more information about your loved one. Plaques can include portraits, sculptures, inscriptions, art work, and more. Plaques are either casted with the requested image and information or engraved, depending on your preference.

Allow Unity Memorials to help personalize a memorial for you with photos, medallions, and plaques.