Unity Memorials Offers Memorial Vases in Greensburg, PA

Flag and Flower Vases Brighten Up a Headstone or Monument

If you want durable and integrated memorial vases in Greensburg, PA or the surrounding area, contact Unity Memorials. We sell granite and metal vases in a variety of styles and color options. Place a vase on the granite base or within a flat grave marker. You can also place vases in the ground in front of or beside the monument or mausoleum.

Flowers and flags are wonderful ways for someone visiting their loved one to honor them. While Unity Memorials is constructing a memorial or headstone, ask about adding a vase. We team up with U.S. Metalcraft, Inc. to provide the best vases on the market. Contact Unity Memorials online or call (724) 834-4006 to order a memorial vase.

Vases are a Great Choice to Add Color to Any Cemetery Memorial

When you visit a loved one’s grave, you may bring them flowers. The time honored tradition is a beautiful display of love. Depending on the cemetery though there are different rules on leaving flowers. Many cemeteries require you to have a flower vase if you are leaving flowers. They do not want flowers left on the ground making more work for caretakers. Unity Memorials is able to help with this as we offer various memorial vases.

Types of Memorial Vases Available Include:

Vase Color Samples

Emblems for Flag Holders:

Reach out to Unity Memorials for durable and integrated memorial vases in Greensburg, PA.